Up in the land of haggis, was the event where only capital letters exist;


The best drifting event I’ve attended so far.

This wasn’t any old drifting event. This was an event where people that speak and know each other, from the internet, came together for one thing.

From Mr. SPARKLE, Dan Joyce…

…To Fraser Stark in the Garage Fuckhouse 1JZ E30, all cars and drivers were on top form all weekend.

Team Throwdown… Throwing down.

The trains were awesome.

The variety of cars shows how drifting is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

JZX, S-Body, R-Body, AE86 and a few Japan inspired BMW added a Japanese feel to the weekend.

Until Matsuri MMXV, Driftland.


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Mikey’s FC3S

On Sunday, Mikey and I managed to head down to a place where I have wanted to take photos for a long time.

Sitting low on chrome Nascar style steel wheels and stock aero, this FC3S looks great.

There are marks, here and there, on the car but Mikey says that he will be refinishing what needs to be done.

The new bonnet vent is a nice addition to the body.

Uneven exhausts or not; I have always had a thing for the RX-7 model, FC3S.

Inside is pretty stock, apart from a stripped rear and removed sound deadening. And with the 80’s feel of the old style dash and optional steering wheel, a pretty stock interior is just fine.

Thumbs up to N/A burnouts!

A smokey finish to possibly one of the funniest features I’ve completed.

Grcs Hvc

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Dakota Drift Day 22/03/14

On the 22nd of March, there was another drift event at Dakota Raceway.

Here are just a few of the photos that were taken on the day.

Henry’s sweet E36

We loved this S14 on polished Rota Grids…

…And this 1JZ Silvia S14.

Big body Cresta!

Kris, still producing large amounts of smoke in the R33.


As always, everybody loves a drift train.


Hugo dropping dirt mid-tandem!


MS Custom Graphics Sileighty.

Grcs Hvc

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The progress of Rob’s RX-7 FD3S

The other day, I thought I’d go and visit Rob to see how his FD3S was doing.

The engine is currently out and a load of new parts have been purchased for the car.

One of the new purchases: 18x10J and 18x11J Work Equip 05 wheels.

With new Recaro seats, front panel, bonnet vent and roof spoiler, I can’t wait to see this back out at meets and on the track!

It’s nowhere near ready yet, and definitely needs a wash but still looks amazing.

Grcs Hvc

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Jamie’s Silvia S13

Going through old photos from years ago, I found a few of the cars that my friends used to own.

This is Jamie’s Nissan Silvia S13.

Grcs Hvc

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Autosports 2014

The Autosports show was held from the 9th to the 12th of January and we were able to be there on the 12th (Sunday).

Cool cars, great people and a large amount of stands; it was a fun day!

MVS R33 Skyline silhouette race car.

The interior is beautiful; what a race car should look like inside!

John Player Special twins.

Dodgem Squad very clean NB MX5.

A great example of a track spec Roadster!

We saw a few familiar faces throughout the day; like the Falken R32. And the Japspeed Subaru.

Acorn Insurance S13 pair.. We love big wings!

As well as cars, there were a few great displays. Such as, this display at Image Wheels…

…And this gearbox display at Samsonas Transmissions.

Very clean GT86.

We liked this JRSC NA Roadster, inside and out. The interior is very clean!

It’s A Drift Life brought their R33 Skyline.

Spotted this very cool R32 Skyline on the GTR-OC stand.

Also on the GTR-OC stand, this drag spec R33 Skyline.

There was something about the Paragon GB Porsche that we really liked!

Who doesn’t like an FB3S RX7?

We’ve all seen this on Gran Turismo… The Red Bull X2010.


The Boss Motorsport Nissan S14a,

And the DIEMAX Toyota Soarer were on the British Drift Championship stand.

As was the DW86, Driftworks ASCAR AE86. With wide arches and LS3 engine… It’s safe to say that everyone loved this car!

Grcs Hvc

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Beth’s NA6 Roadster

Do you remember Henry’s E36 BMW on Work Euroline wheels?

Well, his girlfriend; Beth, has a pretty cool NA6 Roadster and as she wasn’t able to attend any recent car meets; I figured, on Sunday, I’d take a couple shots of her car.

Running stock aero, except from a front splitter, this car looks very cool.

The car is sitting on 15x8J ET0 Rota Aleica wheels, with 185/40/15 tyres on the front and 195/45/15 on the rear.

With a slight arch flare and natural camber, the wheels sit really well. Henry has said that he has spacers to fit on to this to bring those wheels out just a little further.

Whether Henry and Beth paint the hard top to match or not, we think the silver hard top looks different and, somehow, works pretty well.

We love seeing our stickers on cars!

Inside is a bit more colourful. No centre console, sticker bombed cowl and steering wheel and some funky flower thing around the gear gaitor… We definitely love this interior!


Grcs Hvc

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