Lee’s Skyline : Project R32Bhp

So, today I was able to go out and get a few shots of Lee’s R32 Skyline.



Fitted with 17×9 Rota RBX and 215/40/17 tyres on the front and 17×9.5 Rota RBX and 225/45/17 tyres on the rear, this skyline sits very low and very wide.  With 50mm rear overfenders and rolled front fenders; the HR32 is able to both drift and look good.



The inside is quite simple yet includes a few drift car touches. The passenger seat and rear bench are standard but the driver seat is a bucket seat with a harness to go with it. Also, in there is a bubble dildo shift knob, drift handbrake button and MOMO steering wheel with snap off boss.


Under the bonnet, is an N/A RB20DE. Although, it hasn’t got as much power as other skylines; it still drifts and still sounds awesome.


Thanks for reading!

Grcs Hvc

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