Toys : Project Cheapo BMX

To go with my car unrelated day, I thought I’d take my BMX for a little mooch and repaint. I call it ‘Project Cheapo’ as I’m trying to build it on a budget. The whole bike itself cost me £15, I was donated a satin black front wheel and repainted the frame and handlebars gloss black with an old aerosol can of paint I found.

So, early this morning I took it all apart and repainted it. It dried quite quickly due to it being sunny here so I was able to re-assemble it promptly.

This is what it looks like at the moment, it could do with a new rear tyre but should last me a while for now. It’s only for the summer and short journeys whilst the sun is out, to save petrol and money. But, unfortunately I can’t get it anywhere useful to ride it due to it not fitting in the Eunos.

And of course, an old yet still cool Touge Speed Shop/Zilla Life ‘HELL UP’ sticker as a finishing touch.

Next job is to find some cheap handlebar grips, I shall fit them and cut the handlebars down, fit a rear brake and it should then be completed!

Grcs Hvc

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