Scott’s Eunos

Scott, Lee’s brother, was down at the weekend and as he was at Lee’s, I figured I could grab a few photos of his Eunos. The drivers rear quarter was being painted when I arrived so I wasn’t able to take shots from every angle.


With an OEM front lip, relocated number plate and Rota RB wheels, the exterior is subtle yet good looking and clean!


Parked up next to Lee’s HR32, this looked very cool; sharing the same wheels.. Just different sizes.

Grcs Hvc

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One Response to Scott’s Eunos

  1. Driven says:

    Love it!!! The Eunos/Miata is such a great car!! Inexpensive to own, maintain, and they’re tons of fun!! Awesome!! Good looking ride sir. You might enjoy my article on the history of the Miata/Eunos.

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