British Drift Championship : Round Two : Pembrey

On Sunday 9th of June, it was round two of the British Drift Championship, held at Pembrey Circuit. We were lucky enough to attend and take a few photos!

This first section of photos are just a few from walking around the pit area.

We started the day at the Japspeed stand with Brett Castle and a few others. Hanging around the cars with Monster Energy on tap made the day even better!

Team Falken 2JZ  G35 looking as good as always.

We also spotted Dan Chapman’s old, now Sid Crowfoot’s, very cool BMW E36 estate.

We love the fitment of this S13 and how it sat! Serious front camber.

Huxley Motorsport V8 Volvo 240, something different.

Zilla Life R33 Skyline, new Zilla livery looking fantastic.

A car we hadn’t seen in a while, the Driftworks R32.

ellevens NB MX5 standing out with a few satin black touches.

And now for the drifting… A lot of great cars without any disappointment in performance.

Brett Castle and Blacksmoke Racing making a clean exit.

We loved this left hand drive, V8 RX7 FD3S.

Phil Morrison killing it in the Driftworks R32.

Blacksmoke Racing, doing what they do best; causing a lot of smoke… Both black and white.

A few parts fell off throughout the day. Like the bumper above and the wheel below.

We love dirt drops!

And the last run of the day: Team MnM plooming out a crowd pleasing amount of smoke in the 2JZ E36.

Grcs Hvc

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