My Eunos

This weekend has been more productive than most, I still don’t see the car as complete; but my very slow project is getting there! This post is about the new wheels and what the interior looks like.

So, on Sunday night, we finally finished making the cannon casing gear knob. Just the correct length and weight for gear changing, in my opinion.

Inside is an OMP steering wheel (which will hopefully be getting replaced soon!), custom cannon casing gear knob, a bunch of random air fresheners; Jimmy Up, Zilla Life, Magic Tree etc, Turbozilla plush, a tsurikawa from Japan acting as a handle and a variety of stickers on the inside of the hardtop.

Now for the wheels, the Rota Zero have been fitted. The car does need a little lowering and we are in the process of purchasing a front lip but all in good time!

Next idea is to remove the rear mudflaps as I’m not a fan of them!

Grcs Hvc

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3 Responses to My Eunos

  1. Driven says:

    Not sure if I dig the shift knob but love the Eunos/Miata!! What a fun car. I like your wheels too. That shift knob is somethin else though! Definently unique. Where do you get a shell like that?

  2. Grcs Hvc says:

    Thanks Driven! Yeah. We are trying to make it our own. A friend gave us the gear knob, not sure where he got it from though!

  3. Paul says:

    Nice !! My interiors looking very similar to yours ! Except that bombbastic ass knob ! Really feeling it ! Def needs moarlow but overall it’s sex

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