Modified Mania 2013

Modified Mania 2013 was held at Smeatharpe Stadium on 21st of July and I decided to go up to see a few friends and take a few photos of some of the cars there and the drifting.

I parked up the Eunos, grabbed a quick shot and headed into the show.

Kyouto Drift parked up on their stand preparing for the drift demos.

There was a great variety of cars at the show; from this slammed RX8 on Bentley wheels…

To this very clean, very low MK5 Golf.

And from this pretty cool MX5…

To this tidy 6N Polo sitting on a set of Rota Grid V.

I found that this S13 stood out from the crowd, with it’s great looks, serious stance and funky Domo Kun hanging out of the front bumper!

Slammed, stanced and bagged Citroen C2.

One of the drift trains in the stadium.

Learn2Drift attended the show and were getting very close!

Two very cool Skylines twinning around the track.

The Learn2Drift guys also fitted red smoke tyres at some parts of the day!

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