Smeatharpe DWYB

Last Saturday, 3rd of August, we went up to Smeatharpe for a DWYB event. It, overall, was a good day but the weather couldn’t decide what it was doing and sadly, there was quite a downpour towards the middle of the day.

The day started off as a hot, smokey day.

The Jizzworx 180 looking as great as ever.

Nice low and wide BMW E36.

We had a real thing for this “rat look” S14. Something not seen every day.

As always, everyone loves a dirt drop! Especially as this V8 Altezza showered me in dirt as it passed.

MS Custom Graphics’ very cool, Sileighty.

A BMW E36 on Work Euroline wheels, we’ve never seen this combination before! And on the opposite side of the bonnet…

…An expression everyone feels when the bonnet has to come up!

We all love a good session of tandem drifting!

JDM Garage ER34 sitting very pretty.

We also spotted this fitted MX5 parked and felt the need to grab a quick snap!

And then the rain came but we still managed to get just a few photos.

Lee in the R32 and Ollie in the R33 competing in the ODC section of the day.

The Jizzworx 180 heading for the wall.

This blue R32 Skyline managed to run the wall nicely towards the end of the day!

Grcs Hvc

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