Classic Summer

Not our usual fare obviously, but we can all appreciate a classic right?

Well we’ve been fortunate enough to attend a couple of local gatherings this summer so we thought we would share a few pics.

Firstly Castle Hill Car Festival held at Filliegh Estate in Devon.


This turned out to be a very good two day event which showcased a wide array of cars from classics to modern supercars and most things in-between. There was also a hill climb challenge to watch, a trade area and camping on site.

Unfortunately we missed the Saturday because we were already attending this:

But Sunday was pretty good with not even the rain spoiling it.Image

immaculate 240Z- do want


nice to see the familiar face- Boss Motorsport S14A having a chilled Sunday rest




This was the first time an event of this type had been held at the estate, and we hope it goes from strength to strength.

A few weeks later we dropped by Thornfalcon Classics Meet. This event effectively grew from a small group of enthusiasts, to an annual gathering with over 1000 cars meeting in a field located just off the M5 near Taunton.


The event has stayed true to its original relaxed format, with only a guide start and end time people seemed to come and go as they pleased. Best of all there is no entry fee, so naturally we chucked a few quid in the charity tin 🙂


Never get tired of Escorts, the mark one on the left was running a Vauxhall twin cam lump!






shotgun exhaust & custom fit luggage- stay classy 🙂


All in all a great event.

Of course, this is really only just scratching the surface of the quality and the amount of cars we saw at both shows. We also found whilst walking around the owners were very keen to talk about their vehicles which is what it’s all about really…

Another thing that was pretty obvious is that it doesn’t really matter if you drive a rare expensive classic or just a cheap interesting daily driver the rewards are not that far apart as long you enjoy it.

It’s a shame the season is rapidly drawing to a close, roll on 2014.

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