Matt’s Mazda 323

As 2014 is upon us, I wanted to try and post a few more times before it’s here. Although, this project is not finished, we decided to do a ‘mini-feature’ on Matt’s 323.

Matt is going for the ‘bosozoku style’ look for this car, with a few different touches; the front-end is sporting a duckbill splitter, yellow headlights, an oil cooler and a set of curb feelers.

One of his next modifications is a new exhaust, whilst unsure what he should buy or have made, we are sure that Matt has a few ideas up his sleeve! We are secretly hoping for a great bosozoku star…

We are some of the many fans of the fabricated arch work that has been completed to squeeze those 9J ET0 Slotmag wheels on to the car.

Width shot showing a Tsurikawa from Japan and a few stickers, including a souvenir from this car’s trip to Monte Carlo, Status Error and our GRCSHVC old style sticker.

We believe that Matt will be going lower for 2014 but understand that a few minor suspension modifications are required before this can happen!

Even though it still has the original, old school beige interior, inside is just as funky: with a purple OMP style steering wheel, purple bubble shift knob, a few paisley bandanas, two more Tsurikawas and a rear-facing V For Vendetta mask.

Matt is hoping to buy a Grip Royal steering wheel next year and possibly a longer shift knob.


Grcs Hvc

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One Response to Matt’s Mazda 323

  1. RoboEK says:

    Such a cool car, with some well thought out styling options, not an easy task when you can get off the shelf parts or look on google and see a million cars like it to get ideas from.
    Top job I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in stock for it.

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