Beth’s NA6 Roadster

Do you remember Henry’s E36 BMW on Work Euroline wheels?

Well, his girlfriend; Beth, has a pretty cool NA6 Roadster and as she wasn’t able to attend any recent car meets; I figured, on Sunday, I’d take a couple shots of her car.

Running stock aero, except from a front splitter, this car looks very cool.

The car is sitting on 15x8J ET0 Rota Aleica wheels, with 185/40/15 tyres on the front and 195/45/15 on the rear.

With a slight arch flare and natural camber, the wheels sit really well. Henry has said that he has spacers to fit on to this to bring those wheels out just a little further.

Whether Henry and Beth paint the hard top to match or not, we think the silver hard top looks different and, somehow, works pretty well.

We love seeing our stickers on cars!

Inside is a bit more colourful. No centre console, sticker bombed cowl and steering wheel and some funky flower thing around the gear gaitor… We definitely love this interior!


Grcs Hvc

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